Functional Training

The joy of being agile in movement combined with the safety of being prepared to practice any sport. A global workout that involves the whole body. We’ll exercise your body in ways you never would have. Having the certainty of relying on your own skills means also knowing how to move easily in the simplicity of daily life movements like getting up and sitting down. You will develop agility – strength – resistance – joint mobility – coordination – confidence.

Yoga & Yoga Wall

Gymnastics for the body and respiration is good for everyone. A psycho-physical discipline aimed at meditation and relaxation. An ancient philosophy. You will develop great posture – muscle extension – psycho-physical well-being. You will develop: posture – mobility – general wellness.

Activities For Kids

This is one way to shape your personality and ability to know how to confront each other through the means of games. Knowing how to overcome the structural barriers that individual exercises propose make it easier to overcome barriers in life. From the development of basic engine schemes to sports training. You will develop basic and secondary engine schemes – coordination – personality – self-confidence. You will develop: Primary and secondary scheme of motion – coordination – character.


Physical resistance is synonymous with stress resistance. If you want to have more gears in life, learn how to handle stress loads from resistance training. Life will be simpler and you will always be one step ahead for those who can’t make the last 100 meters. You will develop short, medium and long lasting resistance – strength to strength – fastness resistance.

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